Supplier Portal

"Over a 12-month rolling period, our customer saved almost $1 million from the use of our Supplier Portal."

- Eric Nies, BDM & Software Engineer - NSC, Inc.


What does it do?

NSC's Supplier Portal provides better communication between the manufacturer and its suppliers. Providing several tools that help your company to improve supplier relationships, weed out the bad suppliers, and reduce lead-times, the Supplier Portal has been proven to save you money and time. The following are more features of the Supplier Portal:

  • Increases supply-chain communication
  • Reduces lead-times
  • Improves supplier performance
  • Reduces costs
  • Strengthens supplier/manufacturer relationships
  • Green - Paperless processes
  • Real-time results

What will the Supplier Portal do for my company?
  • Save your company money - one company saved almost $1 million in the first year!
  • Weed out bad suppliers with performance monitoring
  • Reduce lead-times
  • Prevents poor-performing suppliers from submitting material quotes

What can my employees do with the Supplier Portal?
  • View quotes submitted by suppliers
  • Monitor supplier performance - (on-time delivery, scrapped goods, supplier suggestions and cost-savings)
  • Communicate with suppliers through suggested improvement and cost savings
  • Submit suggestions for cost-savings and improvements
  • View and search your company's parts list
  • Submit sample requisitions - (requisition to disposition process)
  • Manage contacts and documents

What can my suppliers do with the Supplier Portal?
  • Accept, Decline, Complete, or Ship purchase orders
  • View purchase order receipt history
  • Search and download (CSV) payment records for purchase orders
  • View forecast part reports - 12-week rolling period
  • Submit material quotes
  • Monitor performance - (on-time delivery, scrapped goods, supplier suggestions and cost-savings)
  • Submit suggestions for cost-savings and improvements
  • View and search your company's parts list for bidding
  • Update or submit Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all their materials
  • View production schedules

Are there other forms of communication that go with the Supplier Portal?

Yes! The Supplier Portal has several built-in email notifications for closer monitoring, quicker results, and better communication.


"We have been able to reduce our on-hand inventory without jeopardizing our production schedules since we implemented the Zend-based Supplier Portal. It's working extremely well. Suppliers can stay on top of Business opportunities and improve their delivery rates and performance rankings. We move as much business as possible to suppliers rated 'Superior', so there is a major incentive to perform well. We have gone from a 50% on-time-delivery rate to a 90 to 95% rate on materials from our vendors. This has allowed us to dramatically improve our on-time-delivery rates to our customers."

Dean Evers - Purchasing Manager - Aarrowcast, Inc.


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Supplier Home Screen

The supplier will land on this screen after logging-in. They will be able to see what their performance rating is along with suggestions submitted by their company, supply-chain news and the number of damaged parts with a link to the report.

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Purchase Orders

This is a screenshot of the initial Purchase Order screen that the supplier will see. A list of all active purchase orders and information is presented to the supplier for them to take action - Accept, Decline, Complete or Ship.

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Supplier Performance Trend

Get a visual of how your suppliers are performing by trending their data over a date selected date range.

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Material Sample Requisition

Employees can submit material sample requisitions reducing the paper trail and allowing managers to check-off through the Supplier Portal.

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