SQurL Reports™
A web-base, drag and drop SQL Wizard

Have little or no SQL experience?

With NSC, Inc.'s SQurL Reports™, you can drag and drop fields from a database, narrow down the data, sort it and output it to a spreadsheet without having to know any SQL.

What are the features of the SQurL Reports™?
  • Create custom queries
  • Use a drag and drop wizard to create simple to complex reports
  • Add user prompts for customized data results
  • Pin your reports to other users and collaborate
  • Email the reports right from the application
  • Create user groups and determine what files they can query
  • Organize the reports in folders
  • View a sample of the data as the report is being built
  • Browser based application

What platform does SQurL Reports™ run on?

SQurL Reports™ currently accesses DB2 databases. A MySQL version is in the works to be released in the future.

Need more information?

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