IBM i Expertise
IBM i Development

What can NSC do for me?

NSC has specialized in development for the IBM i since 1981. Ours solutions are designed to take on any challenge and we make them work for your company. Some of our main areas of expertise are the following:

  • Green screen conversion
  • RPG/ILE programming
  • Data Conversion
  • eBusiness Solutions
  • EDI
  • Internet/Intranet Support
  • PC Integration
  • Software Updates
  • Web Services
  • Other languages - C, VB6, Java, and COBOL

What solutions will interest my company?
  • SQurL Reports - SQL Wizard
  • Encircle - County Tax/Land Use Records
  • Integrated web apps with B&L Information Systems solutions
  • Credit Card Authorization
  • Web conversion apps
RPG/ILE Mentoring with PHP

Want to do it yourself?

NSC has been mentoring companies in RPG/ILE with PHP for years. Typically the mentoring is coupled with a PHP project of your choice. Some of the areas we have covered in past mentoring projects are the following:

  • RPG/ILE Basics
  • Advanced RPG/ILE
  • Development for the IBM i
  • RPG/ILE and PHP integration
  • Web Services
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and more!

Learn in a private, hands-on environment with NSC today!

  • IBM Partners in Development
  • Team environment
  • 24/7 access to programmers
  • Remote or on-site programming
  • RPG/ILE with PHP Mentoring
  • Call 1.800.624.5720